If you need help getting in touch with any PTA volunteers, please contact president@lilybclayton.org or pres-elect@lilybclayton.org

2024-2025 Executive Board

President: Hillary LaRue

President Elect: Emily Mundt

Past President: Jessica Morrison

Ways and Means: Lauren Pavell

Membership: Lauren Griffin

Family Engagement: Cari Lingle

School Enrichment: Lindsay Piel

Volunteer Coordinator: Katy Akester

Communications: Addie Cunningham

Advocacy and Representation: Laurie George

Secretary: Kathy Rollings

Treasurer: Liz Brown

Parliamentarian: Kim Dillon

PTA Council Rep 1: Erin Perkes

PTA Council Rep 2: Jessica Colaw

Historian: Ellie Cormack

Principal: Katy Reed

Teacher Rep: Gloria Daniels

2024-2025 Off-Board Volunteers

Accelerated Reader (AR): Ayesha DelaFuente

Art Liaison: Melissa O'Brien

Auction Chair: Taylor Church

Auction Vice Chair: Rachel Welden

Auction Guide: Jessica Morrison

Auction Sponsorships & Underwriting: Johanny Garcia and Leslie Ramirez

Auction Lily B. Perks: Hillary LaRue

Auction Parent & Kid Parties: Kate Cochran

Auction Teacher Perks: Lauren Teer

Auction Items Manager: Celestina Blok

Auction Social Media: Clint Church

Auction Set Architect & Manager: Eric Grossman

Auction Volunteer and Guest Managers: Jenny Breed and Karina Delgadillo

Building & Grounds: Matt Beard

Clayton Corner: Leticia Soriano

Community Partnerships: Alexa Watt

Copy & Lounge: Sarah Pemberton

Cultural Arts Chair: Malissa Summers

Cultural Arts Vice Chair: Leslie Ramirez

Dads' Club President: Bryan Lingle

Dads' Club Social Events: Kris Gililland and Chris Griffith

Dads' Club Reading Buddies: Marcus Walters

Environmental: Sarah McClellan-Brandt and Travis Laminack

Fifth Grade Activities: Ashlyn Lawson and Deedra Keel

Fifth Grade Trip: Samantha Soto and Amanda Herron

Health and Fitness: Ashlee Gutierrez

Helping Hands: Celisse Mendoza and Whitny Armour

Library Liaison: Kate Cochran

Marquee: Tuyen Kamo

Merchandising: Olivia Griffith and Natalie Reeves

Mrs. Cook's Books: Tuyen Kamo

Newcomers: Katy Wilgus and Michelle Brannan

Pre-K/Kindergarten Events Chair: Lauren Storms

Pre-K/Kindergarten Tours Chair: Sarah Calk

Pyramid Liaison: Monika Britt

Science & Math / UIL: Lauren Drawhorn

Social Events Chair: Staci Duckworth

Social Events Vice Chair: Cayla Grossman

Spanish Liaison: Carla Prieto

Teacher Appreciation: Chandler Walters and Camille Jennings

Teacher Appreciation Secret Pals: Carie Quijada

Teachers' Fund: Tara McDonald

Walkathon Chair: Lindsay Horton

Walkathon Assistant Chair: Angie Arlington

Webmaster: Jessica Morrison

Yearbook: Katie Murray