What is the Lily B. Clayton PTA Auction?

Auction is the Lily B. Clayton PTA's adult-only spring fundraising event. The event is designed to bring together Lily B. parents and community members for an evening of fun, delicious food and drinks, and shared support for our sweet school! Supporters of Lily B. celebrate our school and PTA and financially contribute through ticket purchases, sponsorships, and winning bids and purchase of a variety of items including "Auction Parties," spots on the birthday marquee, and our kids' art.

The proceeds from Auction are used to support all the wonderful work our PTA does each year, as well as a specific project supported with funds raised during Auction's "Paddles Up" donation moment. To make the event a success, we need YOU to...ATTEND! VOLUNTEER! DONATE!

How Does Auction work?

Why should I go to the Auction?

It’s really fun, you can meet other parents and hang out with Lily B. teachers and staff, and ALL the proceeds from Auction support Lily B.!

Where is Auction this year?

Auction will be held at The 4 Eleven on historic South Main Street. 

What happens during the Auction itself?

VIP ticket-holders arrive for an open-bar VIP Cocktail Hour at 5:00 pm, and General Admission ticket-holders arrive at 6:00 pm. At check-In, guests will receive open bar wristbands or drink tickets (depending on which ticket package is purchased), casino chips (with certain sponsorships and VIP ticket packages), and their live auction bidder number. All guests will have an opportunity to purchase additional casino chips and drinks (in excess of their allotted drink tickets) at a cash bar.

This year, attendees will enjoy dinner and dessert catered by Reata, a DJ and dance floor, and blackjack, craps, and roulette tables for an evening of Vegas-style fun!  Toward the end of the evening, attendees will redeem any remaining casino chips for raffle tickets to enter for a chance to win great raffle prizes.

During the live auction, in-person attendees will have an opportunity to bid on items such as priceless original works of art created by each grade level, unique experiences like an opportunity for their child riding to school in a firetruck, and fabulous trips. In addition, each year the Auction includes a "Paddles Up" donation moment during which everyone will have an opportunity to leave a lasting mark at Lily B. by donating to a specific PTA project.

Silent auction items will be made available for bidding on your smartphone prior to Auction, and the Silent auction will close near the end of the evening so that items won or purchased may be claimed and taken home. All auction items must be paid for in full and removed by the close of Auction. 

How does Auction bidding work?

The Auction consists of silent auction and a live auction. Silent auction bidding is done digitally via smartphone, and the silent auction can be accessed by ticket-holders who attend the Auction in person as well as by Online-Only ticket-holders. In the days before the event, you will receive text and email messages with instructions on how to bid using your mobile device. 

Is this a couples' thing?

No. You can come with your partner, solo or with friends. It's a great night to make new friends too!

What is the theme of this year's Auction?

Vegas, Baby!

Do I have to wear a wild outfit?

No. Many people do, and fun outfits are encouraged. With this year's theme of "Vegas, Baby!", there are so many possibilities!

Do I have to spend a lot of money?

Well, that would be great for Lily B., but there are lots of different items at Auction at various price points. 

Tickets to Auction are priced consistently with our fundraising goals, keeping in mind the costs that go into making Auction happen (venue, linen and equipment rentals, DJ, catering, etc.). To remain mission-focused, our PTA is responsible for ensuring that any PTA event serves our charitable purposes, which are focused on our mission to make every child's potential a reality. Auction's primary goal is to raise funds to support the PTA's annual budget and all the wonderful work our PTA does each year, so every ticket is priced in a manner that allows us to at least cover the costs of attendance. This year, General Admission Tickets are $75, which is an approximation of the costs associated with each attendee. We are seeking Lily B. family sponsors to purchase tickets for any teacher or staff member who wants to attend Auction (you can purchase a "Sponsor a Faculty Member" ticket here), and any staff member whose ticket is not sponsored will receive a discounted price subsidized by our PTA.

If you are interested in attending but cost is an obstacle for you, please contact

What kinds of items are available for bidding at Auction?

We are collecting items, so we need your support in building out a great list of Auction items for bidding! Please think of what you could possibly donate, who you know who might be willing to contribute, and places you frequent that you could ask for a donation. Examples of live auction items include a ride to school in a firetruck, story time with the mayor, original artwork, and vacation stays at donors' vacation homes. Examples of silent auction items include gift cards to your favorite restaurant or store, golf outings, gift baskets, jewelry and accessories. Please contact Lauren Drawhorn, Silent Auction Chair, at for questions about silent auction donations and for helpful materials including a request letter and receipt form. Please email Auction co-chairs Katherine Ridenour and Sarah Pemberton at for inquiries about live auction items.

In addition to donated items, the silent auction will include Auction Parties, teacher and staff experiences and lunches, Lily B. perks, and opportunities to have your child's name on the birthday marquee!

Tell me more about these Auction Parties.

An Auction Party is a party hosted by parents for which tickets are sold at Auction. Since party hosts pay for all of the party costs, 100% of money raised from party ticket sales goes to the school! Please refer to the Auction Parties Page or contact Kate Cochran, Auction Parties Chair, at, for more information. If you're ready to host an Auction Party, you can submit your information here.

Tickets for Auction Parties are instant-sale items sold at a set price through the silent auction's mobile bidding app.

What are the teacher and staff experiences and Lily B. perks?

Each year, our generous teachers and staff members volunteer to provide experiences and perks for students that you can bid on as part of the silent auction. These experiences have typically included things like lunch with a teacher, art projects after school, and bowling and movie outings with their teachers; Principal/Assistant Principal/Data Clerk/Secretary for the day; and Guest Librarian during pre-k storytime. Lily B. perks have included special perks like tours of Lily B.'s hidden spots, free dress weeks, and ice cream parties for kiddos, as well as adult perks like Volunteer Fast-Passes and VIP seating at school programs.

How do I purchase a spot on the birthday marquee?

There are three spots available on the birthday marquee each week of the school year.  These spots are instant-sale items sold at a set price through the silent auction's mobile bidding app. Birthday marquee spots typically sell out very quickly once the silent auction opens for bidding, so have your bidding finger ready! 

I'd like to know more about Paddles Up!

Each year the Auction includes a "Paddles Up" donation moment during which everyone in attendance will have an opportunity to leave a lasting mark at Lily B. by donating to a specific PTA project. 

This year’s “Paddles Up” donations will be used to refurbish our school auditorium. The auditorium chairs are made up of the original brass standards from the 1935 Preston Geren addition and hardwood seats and armrests that were installed in 2007 with careful attention to maintaining the quality and look of the original seats. Several of the beautiful chairs now need repairs.

With your support, we will have the opportunity to make other auditorium improvements, including adding a state of the art projector system and new floral decor to suit a variety of auditorium uses. Let’s make our auditorium as magnificent as the student programs and celebrations it holds! 

When will tickets go on sale and how much do they cost?

There are a variety of different ticket options with different levels of benefits. 

If you or your business is interested in attending Auction as a sponsor, sponsorship packages including VIP tickets are available now and may be purchased here

Tickets are now available for purchase here. Reserved VIP ticket packages range in cost from $200 per person (for a four-person or eight-person group) to $275 per person (for a 10-person group). Individual VIP tickets without reserved seating cost $125, and General Admission tickets cost $75. Online-Only tickets cost $5 (this fee covers the cost of administrating the online mobile bidding system so that your credit card information is on-file and ready to go at bidding time).

If you are interested in attending but cost is an obstacle for you, please contact

Please refer to the Sponsorship & VIP Ticket Information Packet for more information and make plans to buy tickets once they are available. 

Can I sponsor the ticket of a teacher or staff member?

Yes! If you would like to sponsor the ticket of a teacher or staff member, please purchase a "Sponsor a Faculty Member" ticket. For the $75 price of a General Admission ticket, sponsored staff members will receive an upgrade with all of the highest level VIP Ticket perks. The Auction Committee will follow up with purchasers to match you up with your preferred staff member (using a list of staff members who have indicated that they want to attend Auction). Tickets are now available for purchase here

What should I tell my child's grandparent or neighbor who is interested in supporting Lily B.?

Grandparents, neighbors, and family friends can support Lily B. by making a donation to Auction. Sponsors can note that the contribution is being made in their name or in the name of a Lily B. student in our Auction Guide. Please refer to the Grandparent and Neighborhood Sponsors Page or contact Blair Warren, Grandparent & Neighborhood Sponsor Chair, at for more information.

How can I help the Auction Committee?

Please refer to the "How You Can Help" Section of the 2024 Auction Page for information about how you can help by securing item donations, signing up to host an Auction Party, becoming a sponsor, and buying tickets.  We will also need assistance with a variety of volunteer tasks during the weeks leading up to Auction in February. Please contact Katherine Ridenour and Sarah Pemberton, Auction co-chairs, at, to volunteer. Auction is a major undertaking that requires support from many members of our community, so we appreciate all contributions (great and small) made to support our efforts.