Walkathon FAQ


Have more questions? Contact Walkathon chair walkathon@lilybclayton.org.

What is walkathon?

Walkathon is Lily B.’s big fall fundraiser! On October 18, 2019, Lily B. students, faculty, and volunteers will complete a 1.5-mile loop through the Lily B. neighborhood. Unlike some walkathons, we are not collecting pledges for the number of loops walked. Instead, each student collects donations upfront for participating in the walk. All donations should be collected during our donation drive (September 30 - October 11, 2019). On Walkathon day, we will have fun and enjoy the walk, not walk until we drop!

What are the goals?

We are aiming for 100% student participation! To achieve our overall goal of $50,000, we are asking all students to try and raise at least $50 in donations. All donations help us reach our goal! All of the money raised goes to Lily B. and will be used to fund art and music programs, new technology, extra school supplies for our classrooms, and more!

Why have a walkathon?

There are many benefits of having a walkathon over a traditional gift wrap fundraiser.

  • All of the proceeds raised go directly to the school!
  • Promotes school spirit by walking and singing through the streets together.
  • Going green! We are striving for no waste from the walk; only recycling!
  • Celebrate kid power and Lily B. team spirit!
  • Students get some exercise!

How can parents help?

There are lots of ways that you can help! First, help your child to understand and to get fired up about Walkathon. Next, assist your child in collecting donations. For walk day, please volunteer to walk with your student’s class!

How are the students being kept safe?

  • The City of Fort Worth has issued a permit for the event.
  • Police will be patrolling traffic and blocking major street crossings.
  • Every classroom will be with a teacher and 2-3 parent volunteers.
  • Every child will be given a free red Lily B. t-shirt for walk day.
  • The map was designed to avoid busy streets and crossings.
  • The Walkathon is being held during low traffic hours.
  • Cars will be separated from walkers by a street-wide Lily B. banner.
  • Water will be provided during the walk.
  • The School Nurse and First Aid volunteers are available for skinned knees!
  • Pre-K students will have a rest and activity area; they will not complete the entire 1.5 miles.
  • 5th grade safety patrol will be on duty.

How do I collect donations?

Glad you asked! Check out the Donation Toolkit for tips and sample scripts.