AR Home Connect

Are you wondering how to monitor your child's progress in the Accelerated Reader program? Check out this new site:

You will find you can sign in with your child's user name and password to see the results of quizzes taken and track progress toward goals. A fun feature includes a virtual bookshelf in which you can see book covers for each AR quiz your child has taken and can see the results of the quiz taken for that title by clicking on the book cover. You can even sign up for email alerts to keep you informed each time your child takes an AR comprehension quiz.

Technology Updates

  • The Apple iPad Learning Lab is a lockable, rolling cart that houses 30 iPads. The iPad Lab is available to teachers in all grade levels for checkout and is used to enhance learning in the classroom. When the iPads are stored in the cart, they charge and synch to the main computer. Teachers and Students have a variety of educational apps available.
  • Each classroom now has a Promethean Board for virtual field trips, etc.
  • Every classroom has 5 computers with internet access for student learning and projects
  • Every grade level has 1 to 2 input devices to use for teacher and student modeling
  • A full-time computer lab is open for various instructional needs with instructor
  • A wireless portable computer lab is used in the classrooms.
  • Each teacher has a wireless laptop for instructional delivery, grading and research
  • Communication with teachers by email
  • Bi-weekly parent newsletters