Donation Toolkit


For Lily B. Students & Parents, this page has the info you need to collect donations.

Donation Drive

How do I get my donations?

Children and their adults ask friends and relatives to give a donation to sponsor you for the walkathon. Donations should be collected during the donation drive.

We also take credit card donations **here**! Online donations in your name will be credited to you even if it is not recorded on your donation sheet.

Have fun looking for sponsors! Here are some ways to get donations:

1. Send an email to your friends and family in-town and out-of-town. They can pay online or send you a check. Be sure to thank them!

2. You and your adult can visit/call your friends and relatives. Tell them about the walkathon and your school.

3. Parents - you can take your child’s donation sheet to work! Many of us help our co-workers with their children's school. It is time to return the favor! Your friends at work will make great sponsors for our Walkathon!

Donation Supplies

Walkathon packets are being delivered to students during the kickoff. If you need additional Donation Sheets, Tax Receipts, or Online Reminders, they are attached at the bottom of this page and available in the office.

Fundraising Tips

  • Set a goal for yourself and try to get your parents to match it.

  • Start with your own personal donation.

  • When asking for donations for the Walkathon, ALWAYS go with

  • your adult and do NOT go door-to-door. Always record your donation on your donation sheet and put the money in your donation envelope right away.

  • Do NOT ask any Lily B. teachers or faculty for donations.

  • Followup your email with a phone call 1 week later.

Sample Letter (Script)

Here are a few things you can say on the phone, in person or through email while asking for donations:

My school, Lily B. Clayton Elementary, is holding its annual Walkathon on October 15th, 2021.

My school friends and I are walking to raise money for our school. I am walking 1½ miles through the Lily B. neighborhood with my friends and teachers to show support for my school.

Will you please sponsor me? You can make a tax-deductible donation of $5, $10, $20 or whatever amount you would like. We are collecting money during our donation drive.

Thank you for helping our PTA improve the grounds, enhance art and music programs and provide new technology for our school. Lily B. Clayton is a historic, public elementary school.

Please make checks payable to Lily B. PTA. Credit card donations can also be made online at

In the search bar, type your students first name. Be sure to use their first name used at school registration. From there, you can copy and paste the link to share. Please be sure that donations for your student are submitted via their link or they will not get credit for the donation.

Send questions to

The Lily B. Clayton PTA tax ID number is 75-2536056.

Thank you for your support!

2019 Walkathon forms

Donation form for website 2019.docx
Donation reminder and Tax Form 2019- English.docx
Donation reminder and Tax Form 2019 Spanish (FINAL).docx