2020 Lily B Auction

Friday, April 3rd

A BIG thank you to the families and individuals who are sponsoring the 2020 auction!

  • Adam & Camille Jennings
  • Kate Lovelady
  • JOK Irrigation
  • Courtney Heydenburk
  • Susan Oswalt
  • Chris Edwards
  • Paul & Demmie Davis
  • Sherry Bennett
  • Mrs. Werth's Class Donation

  • Kathy Dierker
  • Danielle Burkett DO
  • Vivi Women’s Health
  • The East Family
  • Pattyann Hardt
  • Levi Dillon
  • John Filarowicz
  • MIK Ortho
  • Leslie Hunt
  • Debra Beeman
  • Sarah Jung
  • Philip Newburn Architecture, PLLC
  • Rhodes Securities, Inc.
  • Paul & Karen Denney
  • Linda Cliburn
  • Jeffrey Dahl
  • Sarah Hostelka
  • William Brewer
  • The Chumchal Family
  • Mitch Whitten
  • Pete Newburn
  • Amy Brown
  • Bruce Horn
  • Libby Manning
  • Jim/Martha Cunningham
  • Randall Thistlewaite
  • Reid Rector
  • Kathryn Kamo

Parent Parties

Do you want to host a Parent Sponsored Party??

This is a fantastic opportunity to get a few friends together and plan some fun! We are looking for people to host grade level parties along with parent only parties! Click below for more detailed information and ideas for parent sponsored parties. Our goal this year is to offer at least 4 parties per grade, so please consider hosting! Contact auction@lilybclayton.org with any questions.

More Information


What’s all the buzz about Swarm? Swarm is an Auction Fundraiser, with the emphasis on FUN! Lily Bees choose which friend to target and then swarm their yard with Lily B signs. If you get swarmed, then you get to pick the next target! Read all the details about this year’s Swarm.