History Fair Winners

History Fair Winners at Lily B. Clayton 2010-2011

Third Grade – Group projects

*1st place Project #9 Global Warming (by Maggie McInnis, Isabella Killian, Bella Reynolds and Elijah Medina)

2nd place Project #4 U.S. Women and the Diplomatic Journey to the Right to Vote (Abby McInnis, Katherine Villegas, Amanda Craig, Gabrielle Martin, Erin Howell)

3rd place Project #10 Brown vs. the Board of Education (Max Ayala, Wesley Junker, Jared Havard, Madison Terry)

Honorable Mention Project #6 Ruby Bridges: The Debate Over her Right to an Education (Kelley Briggs, Jack Brooks, and Ryan Rangel)

Fourth Grade – Group projects

*1st place Project #7 Cesar Chavez United Farm Workers UFW (Jailyn Graham, Ashley Garcia, Katie Russel)

2nd place Project #10 Rubber Soldiers (Margot Brown, Brooks McKibbin, Angela Payne, Isabel Logan)

3rd place Project #9 FIFA World Cup (Ruth Garcia, Elena Torres, Luis Rivas)

Honorable Mention – Project #4 Abraham Lincoln: The Debate Over Slavery (Ryon Fulton, Aidan Kocur, Ben Shipman

Honorable Mention – Project #1 Boston Tea Party (Addison Dahmer, Ashley Walters)

Fourth Grade Individual projects

*1st place Project #26 Candy Bombers (Bryce Efferson)

2nd place Project #23 1913-1914 Colorado Coal Miners Strike (Max Ruthart)

3rd place Project #16 Debate of the Center of our Universe (Herschel Heath)

Honorable Mention – Project #8 Lincoln Douglas Debates (Gustavo Castellanos)

Honorable Mention – Project #15 African America’s Right to Vote (Tristan Thames)

Fifth Grade Group Projects

*1st place Project #11 Treaty of Edinburgh Northampton (Sam Thielman and Bobby Nyul)

2nd place Project #6 The Atomici Project: Bombs (Ian McClendon and Michael Villegas)

3rd place Project #13 Cuban Missile Crisis (Camille McDonnell and Sadie Kelley)

Honorable Mention – Project #1 Women vs. the World (Abbi Zametz and Hanna Still)

Honorable Mention – Project # 2 Two Suffragettes (Mariner Conn, Emma Burrows, Emma Hernandez)

Fifth Grade Individual

*1st place Project #15 Cuban Missile Crisis (Jack Klinger)

2nd place Project #21 Evolution (Garrett Montague)

3rd place Project #3 Holocaust (Mary Tish Phillips)

Honorable Mention – Project #17 Reagan’s Impact on the Cold War (Ben Summers)

Documentary Category

*1st place Cuban Missile Crisis (Jason Guenther)

*These projects will advance to the district level competition.

Special congratulation also to Mrs. Nichols class and Ms. Filis’ class who created class projects on Thanksgiving and Cinco de Mayo.

Special congratulations also go to the entire second grade that created a project on the Lincoln Douglas Debates