October, 2010: Fox

Post date: Nov 29, 2010 8:53:52 PM

Dear Students and Teachers,

This month’s Book of the Month, Fox, by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks, is a book I read this summer and I love reading it over and over. There are so many different ideas and themes to think about when reading the book. The illustrator does a beautiful job explaining the story with pictures and making you feel the way the characters are feeling and thinking. Look at the illustrations. Why do you think the illustrator used the colors that he did? As you read the story, notice how the author and illustrator worked together to piece the story together. Why do you think the book was put together this way? Do you think it has anything to do with the storyline? If you think so, how does it relate to the story? The author uses rich word choice and vocabulary to describe scenes and especially to describe how the characters feel. For example, the author writes, “Dog beams, but Magpie shrinks away. She can feel Fox staring at her burnt wing.” The author uses words like, “beams,” “shrinks,” and “staring” to describe how the characters feel or think. As a reader, you can picture the scene in your mind like a movie and see the characters. The author could have used sentences like, “Dog was happy and Magpie was nervous.” However, the authors wanted you to feel the characters emotions and added richer words instead.

The story also has three main characters that have different personalities. What do you know about each type of animal and the characteristics people usually associate with them? Are they the same in the story? What other stories have you read with animal characters? Do the characters mirror the personalities or characteristics we usually label with the animal?

I have a challenge for you! I’d like you to think about the theme or the big idea of the book. What do you think is the theme and why? Have you ever trusted someone before and later realized you probably should not have? Please use your ideas to write a response to this book. I love reading what you write about the books we share together as a school. I’d love to read some wonderful responses during the announcement time in the morning. Be sure to hang them up on the chart by the office. I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

Happy reading!

Mrs. Hollinger