November, 2010: Is There Really A Human Race?

Post date: Nov 29, 2010 9:03:07 PM

Dear Students and Teachers,

This month’s Book of the Month, Is There Really A Human Race? by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, is a little different from the previous books we have been reading together lately. Hopefully, you will notice that the book is full of questions. It is packed full with big ideas, though! “Who am I, and what am I supposed to be doing here?” is the main idea that runs its course all through this thought provoking book. Please read and discuss this huge idea in your classes and remember to write your responses for me to enjoy and share with others. I love to read what you are writing about the books we are reading together as a school. One of the important ideas to me is: “make the world a better place.” It is my heart’s hope that we are mastering that concept here at Lily B. Clayton. None of us will do that in exactly the same way. However, we must embrace the idea of making our world a better place – not just worrying about what’s in this life for “me”. I’m sure the discussions will be wonderful as we decide how we can make our world a better place.

Another big idea in our book of the month is the idea of running a race. Where is the race? Where is the finish line? Who is going to come in first, second, third, or last place? Is that a good way to think about life? How do we “win” or “lose” in life? Is that the ultimate goal – to finish first – no matter how we get there? I think our authors have a different thought about life – that we should slow down – look around us – help others who need us – and make our world a better place.

I have a challenge for you! I’d like you to think about how you – yes, you – can make our world a better place. Look at the last 2 pages of the text. It is written in command form – “make friends and love well, bring art to this place. And make the world better for the whole human race.” Write a paragraph or two telling me what you think you as an elementary student can do to follow the command of these last 2 pages. I can’t wait to read your thoughts! I’ll be anxiously awaiting your responses to this special book.

Happy reading!

Mrs. Hollinger