January 2010 - Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars by Douglas Florian

Post date: Jan 4, 2010 2:48:04 PM

Dear Students and Teachers,

This month’s Book of the Month, Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars, by Douglas Florian, is a change of pace from our most recent books. Hopefully, you will notice that this month’s book can naturally be related to Science. It encourages the reader to consider our celestial surroundings in the sky. There are twenty whimsical poems about space – from the moon to the stars, and from the Earth to Mars. Each double-page spread features a short poem about a heavenly subject that is set within an impressive painting. All were created by our wonderful author, Douglas Florian. He can do both – create art and poetry….simply amazing!

As all of our Lily B. Science experts surely know, the solar system is such an interesting and fun thing to study. I also think this book presents a neat trio – poetry, art and science. Sometimes we don’t think about mixing these two mediums, but as Mr. Florian shows us – it is a great partnership. Mr. Florian was asked if he wrote the poems or created the illustrations first. He replied that the poems were written before he started on the art. I think it is very interesting and unique that Mr. Florian is interested in art, space, and writing. What a combination!

We always try to find some personal connections to the books we read. The connection that I made was one night when I was outside looking into the sky. My family and I were camping out in the woods, so there were not many electrical lights around. The sky was simply dazzling with many stars. I looked up and saw how lovely the sky was that night – it was an amazing sight for me. It was then that I began researching more about space and what was beyond our atmosphere. I can certainly understand why our author would want to write beautiful poetry about the starry sky.

I have a challenge for you! I’d like you to look at the night sky one night this week. Watch the sky for a little while, and then see if you can write a poem about the wonderful things that you see. See how many descriptive adjectives and vivid verbs you can use. I would simply love to read your poetry! Be sure and bring it to the office for me to read! I’ll be waiting to hear from our own Lily B. poets.

Happy reading!

Mrs. Hollinger