April 2010: Mia Hamm - Winners Never Quit!

Post date: Apr 6, 2010 9:12:29 PM

Dear Students and Teachers,

I am so excited about The Book of the Month for April. It is called Mia Hamm – Winners Never Quit! written by Mia Hamm and illustrated by Carol Thompson. I am positive that this book will reach each student and teacher in some way this month. Those of you who like to play soccer will be especially excited about this great story. I have seen lots of soccer going on during recess, so I know there are many soccer fans at Lily B. Clayton!

As you know, I like to make connections between different pieces of literature. This particular story reminds me of the book Amazing Grace. Do you remember that book? The main character, Grace, loved to act and sing and tell stories, and she had to decide whether or not to quit trying. Unlike our main character in this story, Grace refused to give up. She worked very hard and in the end, reached her goal. In our book this month, Mia really loves soccer. As she’s going through a losing streak, she chooses to quit for a little while, but then decides to try again, and truly succeeds at the thing she most loves in her life.

Have you ever wanted to quit working at something? Have you ever felt it would be easier for you to just give up? I think we have all felt that way at some point in our lives. Yes, I’ll bet even your teachers can agree that they grew tired and wanted to just stop working hard at something they loved somewhere along the way. It is very important to remember that "winners never quit." I think you will also see in this book that winners don’t always win either. Everyone has set backs and disappointments, but what is most important is getting back up and trying again and again.

This is a true story told by Mia Hamm herself. Since the story is told by the person it happened to, it makes it a biographical story. The main character, Mia Hamm, is a world reknown soccer player who has won many awards including a gold medal at the Olympics. She actually now lives right here in Texas! The illlustrator of Mia Hamm, Winners Never Quit! is Carol Thompson. She lives in England and has also won many awards for her book illustrations.

I’d like to hear about whatever it is in your world that you love to do. Have you ever wanted to quit? Tell me about how difficult it might have been to keep going. Perhaps you find reading, math or science really hard, and you’d like to just give up sometimes. Write down your feelings and thoughts. I always love to read what you write. Please don’t forget that hard work always pays off, and winners NEVER quit!

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Hollinger