FWISD KG Program

The Kindergarten Program

In the Fort Worth Independent School District

The Kindergarten Program offers:

  • Certified teachers with kindergarten endorsement
  • A planned course of study
  • Sound educational practice
  • The best program based on child development theories
  • A full day program

The Course of Study provides for:

  • Experiences in listening, thinking, and speaking
  • Enrichment through creativity in art, music, and physical education
  • Development of improved self-concept
  • Development of increased self-reliance and self-control
  • Opportunities to share, to cooperate, and to gain in understanding and appreciation for all people
  • Establishment of good work habits
  • Meeting individual differences
  • Development of math and science concepts through manipulations of concrete materials
  • Whole language, which includes phonics, literature, and creative writing

Each kindergarten class is designed and organized to meet the needs and to appeal to the interests of young children. Present-day knowledge of child growth and development has helped teachers to realize that children have different learning styles. Through various learning centers, opportunities are provided for all children to explore their particular interests and to learn at their individual rates.

The kindergarten teacher is responsible for planning and conducting a full day well-balanced program. Schedules are planned to be flexible and varied. A kindergarten teacher can help children build on their experiences so that learning will be natural and enjoyable.

Special groupings of instructional materials are called Learning Centers. The following centers may be included in a typical kindergarten room:

  • Block building
  • Housekeeping
  • Music
  • Art
  • Language arts
  • Outdoor
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Manipulatives