Dismissal Policy

With 540 children being dismissed each day at 3 p.m., your understanding of traffic and pick-up rules is absolutely critical to student safety. Please read the following procedures. Make sure that your spouse or any other childcare providers understand our school dismissal steps. Also make other caregivers aware that “Tow” signs are being added to the “No Parking or Standing” signs on Park Place.

On rainy days and high traffic days, a yellow flag will be posted outside of the school to indicate that you should pick up your child inside the classroom.

If you pick up your child:

On Foot:

  • Wait for classes to get in their lines to dismiss.

  • Approach your child’s class line from the end (lawn area).

  • Notify the teacher before leaving with your student.

  • Remember that parents are not allowed to walk on the sidewalk by the carpool loading zone on Berkeley Place.

By Carpool Lane:

  • Get into the carpool lane on Park Place next to the school. (Remember students will NOT be allowed to load into vehicles from Park Place carpool lane.)

  • Proceed in line as directed by the crossing guards.

  • As you approach the corner of Park Place and Berkeley, staff will call out your child’s last name and teacher using a walkie-talkie.

  • Staff will direct you to turn onto Berkeley Place and pull-up to the curb.

  • Your child will be escorted to your vehicle.

Parents can speak with teachers after ALL students have been dismissed. Please be courteous to our staff as their attention is necessary to making sure children go home only with authorized caregivers.