KG Schedule

Lily B. Clayton Kindergarten

Weekly Schedule (sample) 


7:50-8:15                   Opening Activities                     Roll, Calendar, Leaders, Pledge, Lunch Count, Weather, Number Charts


8:15-10:00                 Language Arts                           Small-group teacher-directed activity.  Independent learning activities and child-initiated activities.      
                                                                                         Writing Process,  Literature, Computers.


10:00-10:30               Social Studies or  Science      Whole-group or small-group teacher-directed activities.


10:30-10:45               Restroom/Prepare for Lunch   Bathroom break and lunch preparation


10:50-11:20               Lunch                                          Cafeteria                                           


11:20-11:40               Recess                                       Playground


11:40-12:00               Restroom/Quiet Time               Listen to music or story                                                          


12:00-12:30               Literature Writing Journal         Whole-group teacher-directed                                            


12:30-1:30                 Math                                            Small-group teacher-directed activity.  Independent learning activities and child-initiated activities.


1:30-2:15                   Specials Class Rotation           Art, Music, and P.E.


2:15-2:40                   Centers                                      Child-initiated activities and Art


2:40-2:50                   Evaluation of the Day               Children receive handouts and papers


2:50-3:00                   Dismissal                                   Teacher accompanies children outside for parent pick-up.



v      Computer Lab - 30 minutes every week

v      Library - 30 minutes every week  

v      Times may vary by class