Dual Language Enrichment

Lily B. Dual Language Enrichment Program for Spanish and English Speakers

Lily B. Dual Language Enrichment

In 2013, Lily B. Clayton was fortunate to become one of 2 elementary schools in Fort Worth to be designated a 2-way Dual Language Enrichment School. The program started in Kindergarten of 2013 and will continue up through all grade levels with that Kindergarten class. All incoming Kindergarten students may apply to be in the program. There are 2 Dual Language classes per Kindergarten grade out of the 4 Kindergarten classes. Therefore, it's a lottery system to get in. By 2nd grade, children in these classes will be fluent in both English and Spanish.

To learn more about the FWISD Dual Language program, see the PDF of the brochure below explaining the program.

Bilingual/ESL Contact Information

Xavier Vasquez
Director of DLE Department
(817) 814-2422

How to Enroll

Lily B. will provide an enrollment packet with procedures and deadlines.
Each child will be designated as ELL (English Language Learner) or Opt-In.

ELL: Students will have their language skill accessed.
Opt-In: Parents will complete the Application for Two-Way Dual Language Program and submit it to the Student Placement Center and wait for lottery results.

Elaine Tubre,
Feb 25, 2016, 10:11 AM